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WHAT customers SAY

“You don’t realize how good the bib works until someone forgets to put it on. Everyone complains when it’s not on.”

— Matt, All-In Concrete

"The buggy bib has saved us tons of time and money on job prep. You can pull up to existing or just poured pads without trashing freshly finished concrete. The cost of the bib has already paid for itself."

- Tony / Macuga Construction -

"I have been using the buggy bib for over 5 months now. I used to put plastic up to protect my job site from splashing. Since I’ve been using the buggy bib, splashing is greatly reduced. Now I don’t even waste my time prepping job sites with plastic. I never use my concrete buggy without the buggy bib. I even use it when pouring footers."

- Mike / JAS Concrete Contracting -

"I am very happy with my buggy bib purchase! I can pull right up to walls, aprons, and garage doors without splashing the hell out of everything." 

- Randy / Stock Construction -

“We were pouring an apron around an in-ground pool with colored concrete and landscape boulders everywhere. The owner had a Canycom track buggy with a turning bucket. I told him it was going to be a mess with all the splashing. They brought the first buggy back with this bib on it. Anticipating getting splashed we all turned the opposite direction and were surprised to feel and see there was no mess! The buggy bib also helped keep the concrete in the form and not spilling onto the existing concrete coping. You can also dump half buckets without making a mess.”

- Skip / Skip’s Cement -

“We have all been there before... It’s 7 am ... truck is spinning up... guys are wiping the crust from their eyes ...boss is squawking about final prep work before the pour...And through all this the protection plastic on the house gets forgotten, or won’t stick to house... first buggy of mud arrives and is about to be placed... NOW WHAT!!?  

Fear not! Mon River Supply has you covered!  BIB TECHNOLOGY!

Bolt it on your buggy and get it on the ground boys!”

- Mike / Fashandi Construction Inc. -

"You don’t realize how good the bib works until someone forgets to put it on. Everyone complains when it’s not on." 

- Matt / All-In Concrete -

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