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The Buggy Bib

The concrete buggy splash guard, the buggy bib, reduces concrete splatter on houses, employees, and freshly poured concrete. It will save you time and money by reducing your job site clean-up and prep time. 

  • Minimizes job site slop and splashes... keep it clean.

  • Dump concrete directly where you want it.

  • Keep your employees safe from concrete chemical burns. Your employees will be thanking you.

  • Put it on and take it off in seconds for easy cleanup.

  • Save time and money... the buggy bib pays for itself. 

  • Reduce countless hours of job site prep.

  • No more holding plastic to protect houses and surrounding areas.

  • Easy cleanup: Do not use chemicals, water only.

We sell a variety of sizes that fit over most concrete buggies including Allen, Canycom, Cormidi, Whiteman, etc. Custom orders are available.

Custom Orders Available

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WHAT customers SAY

“You don’t realize how good the bib works until someone forgets to put it on. Everyone complains when it’s not on.”

— Matt, All-In Concrete

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